3D VR 안경 BOBO Box Bobovr XiaoZhai Z4 가상 현실 Google Cardboard for 4-6 "iOS Android Xiaomi 화웨이 + 원격 게임 패드
    판매가격 : 121,900 원
    상품번호 :380454
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    상품상태 :신상품
    원산지명 :중국
    제조업체 :by OEM
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    • Brand Name: ZUCOOR
    • Base Stations: No
    • Gesture Recognition: No
    • Display Number: None
    • 3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
    • Wireless network Type: No
    • Controllers: No
    • Viewing Experience: Immersive
    • Compatible Device: Smartphones
    • Type: Binocular
    • Real-time Map Construction: No
    • Package: Yes
    • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
    • Sensor Type: No
    • Set Type: Controllers Sets
    • Model Number: BOBO Xiaozhai Z4
    • Camera: No
    • 3D VR Glasses VR Box Model: ZUCOOR Bobo Z4 VR 3D Glasses
    • 3D VR Glasses Color: White VR Helmet
    • 3D VR Glasses Weight: 0.42kg 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses
    • 3D VR Glasses Material: Foam, ABS
    • Phone Size: Virtual Reality Box for 4" - 6" SmartPhone
    • FOV: 120 Degrees Xiaozhai Z4
    • Myopia: for 0 - 800 Degrees Myopia
    • 3D VR Glasses for Hyperopia: for 0 - 400 Degree Hyperopia
    • Lens Diameter: 40mm Lens
    • Earphone Type: Strechable Earphone
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    VRZ4 has only earphone, it has no microphone

    VRZ5 has both earphone and microphone on it.


    3D VR Glasses BOBO Box Bobovr XiaoZhai Z4 Virtual Reality Google Cardboard for 4-6" iOS Android Xiaomi Huawei + Remote Gamepad

    VR Box Model

    BOBO Z4 VR Box

    Main Feature

    • 120 Degrees Large Field Of View
    • Support One Key Answering Phone Calls And Volume Controlling
    • Suitable For People Within 0 - 800 Degrees Myopia
    • Suitable For People Within 0 - 400 Degree Hyperopia
    • Adjustable Headband Adds No Burden To Your Head
    • Built-In Stretchable Earphones


    Lens Diameter


    Lens Material

    High Transparent Optic Resin(PMMA)

    Lens Structure

    Optical Orthoscopic Lens

    Refraction Compensation

    0 - 800 Degrees Myopia, And 0 - 400 Degree Hyperopia

    View Angle

    120 Degrees


    Compatible for Android and iOS

    Available Smartphone Size

    4.0 - 6.0 inch Mobile Phones

    VR Box Size

    215 x 195 x 120mm

    VR Box Weight


    VR Box Color


    Package List:

    • 1 x VR 3D Box
    • 1 x Glasses cloth
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Gift Box

    BOBOVR z4 is an integrated visual and audio device.

    The VR helmet gives you total immersion.





    It uses PET materials in sheet molding technology.

    So it simulates a much more real scene.

    Diaphram is the core or earphone, being essential to the sound quality. For better effects, phonics engineers are always hunting for diaphram with lighter, tougher, better transferring factors. Making diaphram with 40mm, and applying with PET materials in sheet molding technology can assure the mediant effects.

    Excellent diaphram materials and structure, large size, make it better and explosive in simulating a true scene.


    Bobovr z4 designs its headphone with PET material in sheet molding technology. Low resistance in 32 ohm, high quality of sound effects.


    There is a rolling button to adjust volume for earphone.

    You can instantly answering the phone call when you are watching VR video.

    Do do not need to take off the helmet to answer incoming call




    Bobovr Z4 incooperates comfortable design.

    It uses  ultrathin shell with weight of only 410 grams. And muti-stress distribution idea to make the Z4 as light as possible. It will do well in releaving tiredness, reducing blackout, increasing time of watching movies and gaming.


    There is an button for you to operate.


    It has multi-layer themolysis design to prevent it from becoming too hot.


    The flexible support structure adapts different faces comfortably.


    It brings you integrated video and audio effect.





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