업데이트 Eyoyo 정품 30m 어군 탐지기 수중 낚시 Vide-o 카메-라 7 인치;컬러 HD 모니-터 1000T-VL HD CAM 라이트 컨트롤 바이저
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    원산지명 :중국
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    • Power Input: DC 10-18V
    • Sonar Coverage: 92
    • Detecting Range: 0.6-30 Meter
    • Power Source: DC 10V-18V
    • Language: English
    • Model: 110-7L
    • Screen Resolution: 800*480
    • Screen Size (in.): 7
    • Max Depth: 30M
    • Camera: HD 1000T-VL
    • Camera light source: 12pcs white led
    • Monitor Input Voltage: DC 12V
    • Working Time: 7 Hours
    • Sonar Frequency: No Sonar
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    USD 175.69/piece
    USD 154.79/piece
    USD 186.99/piece


    Updated Eyoyo Original 30m Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera 7" Color HD Monitor
    Brand Eyoyo,Original,1000T-VL HD CAM,More Weight Camea with 12pcs White LED Lights.


    if you need same model with Infrared IR LED lights, please contact seller or.

    if you need same model with additional One Battery, please 

    1. HD 1000 T-V lines camera, provides super clear image.
    2. the default lamp is 12pcs white bright LED, IR LED (infrared lamp) is optional.
    3. Light ON/OFF function: the lights is adjustable, you can turn off it when unnnecessary.
    4. Simple Removable sunvisor for free as a gift.
    5. 7 inch TFT color monitor.
    6. Fish model design, waterproof and durable aluminium alloy material on the camera body.
    7. Cold-resistant, waterproof and pull-resistant 2.2mm cable.
    8. With cramp rings to fix the cable along the fishing rod.
    9. 6pcs of plastic coils so that you can fasten the camera through Telescopic fishing rod easily.
    10. High quality 4500MAH lithium battery, can continuously work up to 10 hours.
    11. Lightweight and small size, which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want
    12. Ideal for monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, ocean/ice/lake fishing, underwater salvage, etc.
    13. Waterproof Level: IP68

    From Professional Factory

    We Test Every Camera Strictly Before Shipping.



    We ONLY Sell Original Version. From Now On, Updated Version is offered.

    Let\'s See What Improvements We Have Made in the year of 2016.

    1. Real Effection Pictures.1000T-VL HD CAM.

    Focusing on Model\'s face, you can see that 700T-VL image is blurred and bad quality.

    but 1000T-VL is very clear and soft.


    2. Light ON/OFF(Adjustable) Function.

    By adding LED POWER IN cable, The lights can be turned off when unnecessary. but camera still works.


    Under 2 Conditions:Light ON( first photo as follows) and Light OFF(second photo as follows)


    3. The cable is packed with plastic film first, then rolled up with Magic Tape. Prevent it from knotting up.


    4. Bigger Float is offered, Avoid sinking under water.


    5. We offer 6pcs of plastic coils so that you can fasten the camera through Telescopic fishing rod easily.


    6. Free Removable Sunvisor is offered, prevent the monitor from strong sunshine.

    Easy to take off from the monitor


    7.Excellent and Complicated Workmanship


    Brand Eyoyo Camera, Waterproof Property is Better.


    Cables Connection Diagram


    If you don\'t need the lights, please disconnect the LED cable.


    More Details




    This product you are watching now is the latest popular, fashional, good looking and convenient Underwater Video Camera System. It not only has a large and color screen, but also has a hight definition camera which has HD 1000 T-V lines. What\'s more, there are 12 high-power white lights for camera light source, and these 12 white lights are separated from camera to prevent the water spray coming into the camera.
    Application field: monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, Ocean/Ice/Lake fishing swimming/diving/snorkeling are all avialable.

    Details shown:
    A. This Underwater Video Camera has a 7 inch large TFT color screen with HD 800*480 Pixels, and the definition of the camera is up to HD 1000T-V lines, which is clearer than the 700T-V lines camera.
    B. The continuous using time of the lithium battery is more than 7 hours when the battery is full charged. when it\'s being charged, the indicator light is red, and it will turn green when being charged up.
    C. You can change the camera direction with the help of the cable and iron ring, the details of the operations is showing you as follow.
    D. This HD underwater video camera system has a light weight and small size, which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want.

    Underwater exploration; Ocean/Ice/Lake fishing; Swimming/diving/snorkeling; Well/pipe inspection

    1)HD 1000 T-V lines,12 high-power white lights. Absolutely Waterproof!
       It not only has a large and color screen, but also has a hight definition camera which has HD 1000 T-V lines. What\'s more, there are 6 high-power white lights for camera light source, and these 6 white lights are separated from camera to prevent the water spray coming into the camera.
    2) Take it everywhere, Totally portable.
       Size of the box:210mm*110mm*120mm, the weight is 1.5KG
    3) Rechargable Battery, super long working time--7 hours.
       Include rechargable battery and adaptor. Support up to 7 hours\' fishing.
    4) Improve the fishing success rate.
       After you have it, you no longer have to wait for nothing. Just find a place where is full of fish and take them home~ I bet that is fine~
    5) You can totally see how adorable these fishes are~



    100VAC-240VAC DC12.6V 1000MA



    The continuous using time of the battery

    about 7 hours

    Camera cable length


    Camera light source

    12 high-power brightly White lights

    Camera angle


    Camera image




    Monitor input voltage


    Operation temperature


    Storage temperature


    Aluminum-box size


    Net weight


    Package included

    1. 7inch TFT LCD Display *1
    2  camera with 30m cable *1
    3  4500MAH lithium battery *1
    4 charger *1
    5 big float  *1
    6.Free Simple Sunvisor*1
    7.metal cilps*8
    8.plastic coils*6
    9.User manual*1
    10. Aluminum box  *1






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    • Unit Type: piece
    • Package Weight: 1.700kg (3.75lb.)
    • Package Size: 15cm x 12cm x 7cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 2.76in)

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